Persecution in the US at Vanderbilt University

As one who loves campus ministry, here’s a video to think on. Vanderbilt University is cranking its screws down on Christian organizations. Now, if you haven’t been involved in campus ministry before, believe me, this makes evangelism and other ministry really difficult.

Rather than a fist-fight, this kind of top-down persecution is difficult to combat at a university because they quietly and calmly remove you. They can pull (or simply not sign) paperwork and you suddenly have no access to campus facilities in which to meet. Further, if students file complaints against another student who speaks to them about Christ, a university could simply find that student in violation of their policies and remove them. We haven’t moved that far yet to my knowledge, but oh how close we are.

I do think I disagree with the students who want to move to a different university though (I understand that for the video they are trying to communicate the removal of approval, support, and dollars from the university). From Scripture and church history, we see persecution is something to face and endure, and something that God uses for the good of the church and for the spread of the kingdom.

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