Why You Need 4-year-olds in Your Church

I’ve listened to many sermons on giving, missions, and sacrificial living. I counsel and rebuke myself all the time, while often knowing the secret longings for stuff and ease are still there–AND that I’d like to indulge them. But the Holy Spirit thought it wiser and surer to use one line from a little 4-year-old girl to cut me to the heart as deeply as any sermon.

“Hi, Mr. Jeremy, I worked this week with my family, and we gave $__ for you to go to Ethiopia.”

These words have been haunting me (in a good way) all week. It’s amazing how God’s work in our hearts can be so simultaneously humbling and uplifting, and how He does it.
The Lord bless you Naomi! I have a feeling the Lord will use the memory and truth of your statement for more years and in more ways than your young mind can even imagine.
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One thought on “Why You Need 4-year-olds in Your Church

  1. Dan

    It warmed my heart to read about my precious niece, Naomi. This proves that my sister and brother-in-law are bringing up fine young Christians (no surprise, really).
    Thanks for sharing this, and for sharing news of Christ’s redemptive work with those in Ethiopia.

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