So Close Yet So Far Away

I heard a song today on Pandora by Maria Digby called “What I’ve Done”. Musically and vocally it reminded me a lot of “This Breaks My Heart of Stone.” But how the light of Christ illumines a new path for a sinful man / woman who desires a new start, away from their sin and shame!

Maria’s is an expression of angst, wanting to break free of a the shame and guilt of the past. And she knows that it’s her heart that needs cleansed. So she resolves to forget and start anew. That’s the end of the road. For all of you who have walked it, you know it leads nowhere.

How similar, yet how utterly different is the believer who turns to the Lord for grace, forgiveness, and pity. Listen to Charles Wesley’s lines:

Look, as when Thy pitying eye
Was closed that we might live;
“Father,” at the point to die
My Savior cryed, “forgive!”
Surely, with that dying word,
He turns, and looks, and cries, “’Tis done!”
O my bleeding, loving Lord,
This breaks my heart of stone!
This breaks my heart of stone!

Listen to both of them, and appreciate what forgiveness and cleansing and light Jesus holds out to you in the Gospel.

Audio “This Breaks My Heart of Stone”

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