Summer reading

I sent out some summer reading suggestions to our college students. It’s bent in a couple directions just because I know what they’ve been reading or not reading–so it might not be a good fit for you. But if you’ve never read in these areas, they could be very enriching for you.

THEOLOGY (~10-12 hours)
1) Justification and Regeneration by Charles Leiter
–a very easy, but deep intro to some key issues of theology. You need to know these well if you want to know the Gospel well. I think these are available from via sermons as well.
2) Louis Berkhoff’s Summary of Christian Doctrine (free on Kindle)
—this is one to read kind of like memorizing Scripture, read a sentence or 2 at a time then meditate on it throughout the day. I’d start with chaps 18-22 which are common grace / Holy spirit, calling and regeneration, conversion: repentance and faith, justification, sanctification and perseverance
CHURCH HISTORY (~10-12 hours)
1) Michael Haykin has 4 lectures to give you an overview of church history. Listen to these with a pen in hand and write all over the chart below. Jot down key figures and dates and find the locations on a map as you’re listening.
–church history timeline: This is the best I could find: –You can at least see the major branches (Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant)
2) Load up some church history biographies from John Piper
–Listen to Athanasius and Augustine alongside the first 2 of Haykin’s lectures.
–Listen to Luther, Bunyan, Calvin with the 3rd.
–Listen to Mueller, Judson, Paton, Newton with the 4th.
1) Amy Carmichael’s poetry Toward Jerusalem
2) Francis Havergal’s complete works (free on Google eBooks); Granted Ministries has printed a selection of these in a small booklet.
–try reading a poem each day, or maybe a couple sometime on a Sunday
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