Holy Boldness

A hot topic in evangelism on the mission field is how to share with Msl ms. Do we “sneak in”, do we do it as “an insider”, how covert / overt should we be? Frankly, we’ve been snowed by missiologists who are more “strategic” than biblical. The only reason this is a hot debate is because there are a lot of people in influential places propagating this teaching. Lord, give us holy boldness:

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Holy Boldness

By On June 4, 2012 

A recent (Nov 19, 2011) World Magazine interviewed an Afghan Christian named Sayed Musa which detailed his coming to the Lord, his imprisonment, torture and eventual release.

In the article entitled “Holding Fast” the interviewer asked him if he had told his friends about his new found faith and he replied, “As I studied the Bible, in my heart it was like a flame. I was never afraid. I spoke of the word of God, and some appreciated it, but some were against me.” It was this courage to speak which his friends described as “full of boldness” which led to his imprisonment. Sayed Musa’s life seems to be drawn right out of  the early historian  Josephus’ textbook  which advised that “to speak candidly, proclaim the truth, and eschew evasions and lies exposes a person to danger and presupposes the overcoming of obstacles.”[1]

How does the Bible define this boldness? This will be the subject of this paper, especially in light of the fact that some current missiological methods would appear to advocate timidity, self-consciousness and even cowardice—all under the convenient rubric of wisdom and longevity.

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