Fruechtings on the road to Durame

In no particular order (because I can’t get it to put it right when uploading and the internet is too slow to try multiple times to fix it) . . .



View from the cheap seats.


Alazar, our driver, Hudson and Emmett loading the truck.


Unloading at what will be our home in several months.


In the dining hall at the school. We’ll be eating at least 2 meals a day with the students rather than Rebecca cooking all the time. We’ll practice Amharic and they can practice English.


Rebecca at the local butcher (the only place to buy meat in Durame).


The local butcher.


Heading out for a hike.


Crossing the river on the eastern edge of the property, heading up the hill straight ahead in the picture.


On our hike.


This is about 1/3 of the way up. A few houses with animals and gardens pepper the path.


The mountain villagers were delighted to have some visitors!


About half our entourage followed us to back to the bridge.


Vail with our new puppy, Yankee!

The next pics are my view from the back of the LandCruiser. I found the landscapes beautiful.


Why we need a 4×4.


Some flatlands on the edge of the mountains.


Why the 4×4 has a cattle guard.


Hudson and Emmett enjoying the view.



It’s plowing time in Ethiopia. In some areas, a 1/2 dozen teams of oxen and men would be in one field together–quite a sight to see.


Mountains. Yes the sky was that blue.


A stop for a bathroom and lunch at a hotel in Butijera.


False banana plants. These provide families water and some food in extreme droughts (using the trunk and roots).


View from the cheap seats.

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One thought on “Fruechtings on the road to Durame

  1. Jerry Humes

    Praise God from whom ALL blessing flow… even though they are sometimes disguised as inconveniences. Your pics bring back many memories. We continual pray for you & keep you before the congregation. You truly appear joyful in well-doing. “Yankee is such a fortunate & well-loved pup”. Jerry Humes

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