Day Trip to Debre Libanos–2

We also visited the monastery of Tekle Haymenot, from which Debre Libanos area derives its name.


On a roadside stop with our happy “household” (in the biblical sense)


This is a famous Orthodox church constructed by Emporer Haile Selassie in the 1960s at the sight of Debre Libanos. Debre Libanos is the location of the monastery of Tekle Haymenot, a revered saint of the Orthodox Church who lived in the 1200s.

Inside the church.


One square of the stained-glass wall.


Another square that caught my eye.


The worship area of the church where the priests perform some of the services.


Our guide in the Orthodox Church (Emmett took this picture)


Just a 15 minute hike up the mountain from the church is the historic monastery.


The monastery was built into the side of a cliff.

Inside the cave / monastery.

IMG_2437Just down the road from the monastery are these cliff dwelling baboons. If a predator or threat comes, they all scramble for the edge of the cliff (in the background).

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One thought on “Day Trip to Debre Libanos–2

  1. Mary Taussig

    Thank you for your updates and pictures. This keeps you in my prayers more than just
    saying your name–but the amazing thing is that your Heavenly Father knows you and me
    just by saying our names! He knows our needs and where we can best serve Him.
    Tomorrow is my 90th birthday. 80 of my family will join for lunch, family memories and
    getting acquainted with the new members. Seven of my children, many of my 35 grandchildren
    and many of the 69 great grandchildren are in my prayers. God is so good–all the time.
    Love and prayers to you,

    Mary Taussig, Grace Baptist, Manhattan, KS

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