Day Trip to Debre Libanos


On Monday, we took a trip to Debre Libanos, a famous monastery just north of Addis Ababa. Here’s a few pictures. It was breathtaking.

IMG_2653From the car to Debre Libanos


Our houseworker Amaru, her neice Aleema, and her husband Bezhega came with us (as did our neighbors and their houseworkers).






Bezhega, Megersa, Jeremy


Rebecca, Amaru, and Aleema


Standing on Portuguese Bridge (which ironically was NOT built by the Portuguese)


Our guard / gardener Megersa carrying Emmett


Rebecca and Jeremy at the Jema River Valley north of Addis (where the Portuguese Bridge is located). The River joins with the Blue Nile and then becomes the Nile on the way to Egypt.


Jema River Valley. It’s a steep cliff and deep valley.

IMG_2499Cliff edge.



These baboons are the same that are on the BBC “Planet Earth” series. Astoundingly they live on the sheer face of the cliffs, which they scramble up and down upon with amazing speed.

IMG_2493Vivian sitting at the waterfall. 10 meters in front of her is a sheer drop about 100m down. OSHA hasn’t put in guardrails yet.




IMG_2490Picture from the waterfall cliff’s edge.

IMG_2517The Portuguese Bridge.



On the drive home.






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