A Sunshiny Sunday in the Durame Highlands


I preached in a church in the mountains behind our house in Durame. What does your average trip to church look like on a Sunday?


This man’s cow died that he had received as a gift. He wanted us to take this photo and email it to the organization that had given it to him.



IMG_4013   IMG_4017 IMG_4019


We had a breakfast and coffee at this family’s house. Their daughter is the bookkeeper/accountant at our school.


IMG_4023   IMG_4026

Hiking along




Ladies working among the false banana trees in their garden


IMG_4029 IMG_4030

The church building. The first picture is a bit deceiving; it’s actually a very large building that seats a few hundred people quite easily.


IMG_4040   IMG_4044

Returning home we passed the local well. These children are filling water jugs for their families, a daily task.


IMG_4045   IMG_4055 IMG_4059   IMG_4063



One elder took us to his house after the service to feed us bread, kocho (bread made from the pulp of the false banana trees), cheese and soured milk (I didn’t drink that–if it had been boiled I might have). And of course we had the standard drink–salted, buttered coffee. The butter is sometimes rancid. They love it. I don’t yet “love” it. 🙂






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