A Young Mursi Church


IMG_4157   IMG_4193

The Mursi are a semi-nomadic people whose primary livelihood depends on their large herds of cattle.


IMG_4241   IMG_4170 

This is one of our graduates, Teshome. He’s been working in this area for approx. 3 years. Already there is a young, vibrant church of almost 80 people.

Bicycles are a premium in these flatland areas. We would like to purchase another when we return for the two evangelists who will continue the work here in Hayle Wuha (about $250 USD). Teshome will move 40 km west to reach another area among the Mursi.


IMG_4249   IMG_4251

This is the living quarters of the evangelists and our graduate (l to r: Melkias, ??, Teshome). The picture on the right is what’s left of their spring water. They really need a 2k liter tank to store rainwater (about $1,200 USD).


IMG_4175   IMG_4234

These are pictures of believers from the Mursi. The older man in red shorts (below) was a “man of peace”, an elder in the community who immediately received Teshome and his preaching. This opened this community to listen and receive the message of Jesus Christ.

IMG_4253   IMG_4208



IMG_4199   IMG_4223

Jeremy preaching, with translator Ashagre (one of our current students–I spent 2 weeks travelling with him around Easter).


IMG_4231   IMG_4203

The church building. The church leaders were thankful to recently add the grass wall coverings (right photo) because cattle or people outside the building are quite distracting.


IMG_4164   IMG_4162


Feeling like Alice in Wonderland, I’m wondering how in the world we’re going through that door to go in the house and pray with the family.


IMG_4175   IMG_4262

We did get our photo taken with one of the local women. Tourists make it out here, so she wanted to charge $5. I bought the clay lip plate for Rebecca for $1.  Who knows, it could be pretty.


If you want to help with any of these needs please contact us.


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