On the road in SW Ethiopia

IMG_4078   IMG_4080 IMG_4085

Our student, Faskala (in the striped shirt), served for 7 years among the Hamer as a missionary. The little girl in the red shirt in the first photos was a Hamer girl who as an infant was left out to die because her teeth came in in the “wrong” order–she was cursed. Another person from the tribe found her and left her on Faskala’s doorstep. We got to meet his family on our way south.


IMG_4091   IMG_4098

IMG_4099   IMG_4100

These are the banana plantations that supply the majority of bananas for Ethiopia.


IMG_4093   IMG_4096

Lake Abaya


IMG_4103   IMG_4106 IMG_4111   IMG_4115 IMG_4122   IMG_4126

IMG_4133   eth map

Pictures on the road. Tractors are quite rare.


IMG_4142   IMG_4145

Jeremy and one of our students, Ashagre. Ashagre served as an evangelist and then a pastor in a church in Jinka for 18 years. In the second picture  are several of the elders from their church.

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