Vaccine clinic in Makki (2)


IMG_4382  IMG_4387  IMG_4420  IMG_4384

Our second clinic was a bit further away, and only accessible by foot. This was the first time for missionaries to come out to this area, though some of these folks have been to the clinic. Our friends are planning to revisit this area, taking along some men from the church who can preach the Gospel to them and teach them Bible lessons.


IMG_4393   IMG_4395

Kim Scheel with our translator. Notice his pen-holder in the second picture. No pocket protectors needed. He offered to make one in my ear.


IMG_4413   IMG_4405

This little guy was all smiles, a delightful fellow. These are all young boys from the tribe.


IMG_4340  IMG_4401

Again, here are a couple lip pictures. That lip plate was by far the biggest I saw. I was told that some of the ladies can pull their lip over their head toward the back, “swallowing” their heads.



In the middle of the night, this woman came to our door, having been bitten by what sounded like a black cobra in her hut. She was very sick for a couple days but recovered.



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