Easter in Jinka Ethiopia

Easter is one of the great church holidays in Ethiopia. Not only does the church celebrate on the weekend, but Monday in Jinka is also part of the holiday, one on which you move house to house all day, eating doro wat (chicken in a spicy sauce) and drinking coffee.

Unfortunately, I missed the large youth celebration early in the morning (4am) where hundreds of youth parade through the street and rally around a large bonfire, singing that Jesus has conquered. I was out in Makki and as the rain increased Sat. I decided not to cross the river until morning.

IMG_4422   IMG_4428

IMG_4441   IMG_4438

The Sunday morning service included special dramas and poems and singing about Jesus and the resurrection.


Then we continue our house to house visits which started before the church service.

IMG_4464   IMG_4460

doro wat   keneto

Beginning Sunday morning, we ate “doro wat” (chicken in spicy sauce) 8x in a row. By the end of Monday I think that I myself probably ate 2 whole chickens, drank 2 gallons of kineto (this unfermented, barley-honey drink), sipped 2 dozen cups of coffee (sometimes the buttered and salted kind), and had to hear “Jeremy, eat” 300x. That’s not an exaggeration.

The doro wat gets served in rounds:

Round 1: The community plate is filled with injera (their spongy, sour bread which is made from teff and prepared a bit like a crepe pancake) which is topped with the spicy doro wat sauce.

Round 2: The plate is refilled with sauce and each person additionally gets a boiled egg.

Round 3: The plate is refilled and each person gets a piece of chicken.


IMG_4465   IMG_4458IMG_4464

Sometimes cheese is served with it (similar to feta cheese)


IMG_4446   IMG_4456

IMG_4450   IMG_4454

( These are siblings and the mother of one of our students, whose family I stayed with in Jinka for 2 weeks.)


Then we wait for the coffee to be served

IMG_4275   IMG_4480IMG_4469   IMG_4478


Final instructions: go to next house, repeat.



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One thought on “Easter in Jinka Ethiopia

  1. Doug Enick

    Thanks for all these emails with all the pics and explanations. They’re great!

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