In Transition–Getting from the US to Durame, Ethiopia

The trip is really not so hard or long to get from the US to Ethiopia. We get to stay with the grandparents in the DC area then have one flight from one capital to the other. Managing all of our luggage in DC (getting off the plane and taking our luggage for 5 days and then back to the airport) would have been impossible without the help from Grace Church of Gainesville VA.

IMG_0363 IMG_0367

At the airport in DC with all of our luggage.

IMG_4721 IMG_3191-001

(l) At the airport in DC with all our bags

(r) at the SIM guesthouse in Addis Ababa

IMG_3187-001 IMG_3168-001

(l) Our clothes won’t dry. You get used to smelling kind of musty. Not to be confused with “musk” perfumes and colognes. IMG_4726

We get to eat Ethiopian again! We did miss the food here.

IMG_4722  IMG_4723

(l) Loading up to head to Bingham Academy


IMG_4728  IMG_4733

We stayed at the guesthouse for a few days while Jeremy had appointments with SIM and the Ethiopian church, getting things in order for the school year and to head downcountry.

IMG_4741  IMG_4744

Packed roads in Addis


Visiting some of our best friends in Addis (the great Danes!).

IMG_4750  IMG_4751

We had the sweetest “welcome home” from our Ethiopian friends at our school (this is Ephraim and Joel, Ephraim is the son of the Academic Dean). Their kids have been great friends with our kids.

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