Setting up for a new life–Sept 2014

Before we came home for the summer, we didn’t have a chance to get set up in our new house. There were no closets or shelves, or a school room. All those have been built now. So our first week was spent unpacking and doing some minor construction.

IMG_5006 IMG_5001

We have a few chickens running around now. 5 chicks were born last week. 3 got eaten by ants! 😦  The ants are terrible right now as the rainy season is starting to abate.

IMG_4991 IMG_4989

(l) Vail and I are playing catch in the yard.

(r) Vail cleaning carrots from the garden

IMG_4987 IMG_4986

The school room! We are so thankful for this new space. It’s mud and wood construction with a concrete floor.

Also my desk and books are in here until the admin building is finished.

IMG_4984 IMG_4983

The front of the school house (right)

IMG_4981 IMG_4979

(l) Joel and Vail

(r) Rebecca and Emmett in the garden (in front of the school house–the building behind Rebecca in the picture is our house)

IMG_4977 IMG_4974 IMG_4939 IMG_4944

(l) We’re eating at home in our living room; we’re starting to eat in the school room where the dining table is now set up. There’s no “dining room”. Once it stops raining we’ll eat all our meals in the school room.

(r) One minute after taking the left picture, the electricity went out. We’ve been spending the majority of our evenings by candlelight and kerosene lamp.

IMG_4942  IMG_4938

(l) Our typical supper–shiro (ground lentils with red pepper spices) and a vegetable (this one is ground beets which are great here!)

(r) Daddy and Joel on the front porch

IMG_4925 IMG_4801

(l) We are visiting the home of one of our students

(r) Most breakfasts have been on our front porch

IMG_4799 IMG_4796

(l) Our living room

(r) Typical night showers are done by bucket. We’ve thankfully had enough hours of electricity to warm our water in the hot water heater. That is definitely a luxury, and when we don’t have it we are all the more thankful for it!IMG_4794 IMG_4793

The garden, taken from the schoolhouse. Carrots, salad, lettuce, collard greens, and cabbage are all growing well right now. Potatoes and onions will be ready soon.

IMG_4791 IMG_4784

(l) Vivian and Deborah

(r) Emmett shooting for target practice


IMG_4779 IMG_4781

Vail playing on the rope swing

IMG_4757 IMG_4756

(l) Our little house and school room in our fenced yard area

(r) The road up to our house


The mountain view a few minutes walk form our house

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