November Family Life Pics

IMG_5066 IMG_5065

Vivian, Joel; Emmett




We went up the mountain behind our house and visited our school secretary’s family. She’s one of their 8 children. We’ve stopped expecting to “meet” the families. When invited they show hospitality by feeding us and preparing coffee, but they stay outside while our family eats by ourselves at their table. This has happened a couple times to us. Time to change our expectations. 🙂

IMG_5301 IMG_5304

Hudson is helping prepare pumpkin for Thanksgiving dinner.

IMG_5312 IMG_5313

Vivian is helping prepare carrots.




Skyping with family


Emmett loves working in the garden


Stranger in the chicken coop!!

IMG_5253 IMG_5255

Joel getting bigger

IMG_5262 IMG_5274

Sweet family!

IMG_5130 IMG_5129

Everyone pitched in to help harvest our beans.

IMG_5122 IMG_5121

Vivian and Joel relaxing on a warm afternoon in the hammock

IMG_5118 IMG_5113

Honey isn’t real plentiful here, but we’re told we should get a few liters out of these traditional bee hives. They’re made of wood and grass, covered with manure, smoked, and then hung high. Some recent, late rains emptied a couple of them of the bees that we’d lured in.


A friend gave us an Etch-a-Sketch. Emmett’s been loving it (pic 1). Hudson drew a blueprint of our house (pic 2)!

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