Potato Harvest

One day earlier this field was covered with tiny “meskel” flowers–thousands of little yellow faces in what looked like a broad pasture area. The next day this huge pile of potatoes was gathered out of the soil.You can just barely see a few of the harvesters in the background of this first picture, finishing the digging work.


This man below is Mammo. I haven’t figured out exactly what all his roles are in this community, but I had to give him money to apply for a coupon for the purchase of sugar, he shows up when the school has electrical problems, and now I paid for a “qumtal” of potatoes. The girl in the next picture is his daughter, who might have the prettiest smile in Ethiopia.

IMG_5394  IMG_5396

I’m waiting as they bag up our potatoes. One of these bags is approx 100kg. Fresh from the field, “that’ll be $14.50, please.”

IMG_5395  IMG_5398

Another little friend, come to watch her daddy work probably.


Mammo and Bejiga are ready to load ours in the car.


IMG_5414  IMG_5568

Stored in the bag, potatoes will perish quickly. In the cool dark of our storeroom, they should last 4-5 months (or so we’re told–I’m not sure the rats won’t come before that). We’ve been eating a lot of french fries this month.IMG_5415

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