Scene in Durame

These pictures are actually from “Teza”, the name of the area outside Durame 1km where our school and home are located. These were all taken during the last month when the g-parents and cousins came to visit.

IMG_5675  IMG_5676

This is a night shot of a pile of bees. We pulled one hive out of a tree and broke it open to find just a little bit of honey (which we ate) and a lot of bee larvae (which Vail and Jeremy also ate). We hoisted the hive back up in the tree and this pile of bees later re-entered their disturbed domicile.

IMG_5686  IMG_5695

For Christmas the kids got a couple kites. Vivian and Grandpa especially enjoyed them.


Baby avocado

IMG_5704  IMG_5711 IMG_5718  IMG_5726

Hiking the riverbed and exploring the area around us. And a Happy Anniversary to Vail and Pam!

IMG_5736  P1070084

Right outside our house’ gate is this tin guard shack and mud cow house.

P1070091  P1070095

Directly behind our house is a road they are working on. From this road you can see our compound, our town, and the whole valley area.

P1070099  P1070100

While site seeing, we never cease to be a site ourselves!


This is the road coming up the hill, which was recut by a bulldozer after this last rainy season.

P1070111  P1070114

“Modern” meets “ancient”. Before corrugated tin, all the houses were this round type (right) with a straw roof. They’re quite large inside. Now they have moved to this rectangular form, though both are wood-pole framed with a mud-straw mixture for walls.

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