A “gibzha” (literally “invitation”) is the essence of Ethiopian hospitality. For many occasions, large or small, simple coffee or a full-blown feast, you can be invited to someone’s home where they shower their hospitality upon you. Because our students our finished their school for the year and because our family came for the holidays, we threw a gibzha at our school.

IMG_5575  IMG_5578

Tekle and Aberra, two of our school’s guards, went to the market and bought a sheep for us (about $150!). I asked our school secretary (a female) if she would go to purchase it and she laughed at me. “That’s men’s work. Women can’t buy a sheep!” OK. So the guards went on my behalf. If I show my face the price jumps immediately. It took them nearly 3 hours to select and then haggle over the price of the sheep!

IMG_5580  IMG_5583

Tying up for the slaughter.

IMG_5588  IMG_5591

This picture is included for all the kids studying anatomy at the moment. How many organs can you name?

IMG_5628  IMG_5632

Waiting at the dining hall for the official word from the cooks that it’s time to go in.

At right are 4 of our students with Jeremy and Vail.


These are all wives of some of our students, and a couple of whom are also our students as well. IMG_5637  IMG_5638

This is the kitchen where all the food prep takes place. It’s a smoky job!

IMG_5641  IMG_5643 IMG_5644  IMG_5648 IMG_5650  IMG_5652

Time to eat! The food was delicious, though most of us stayed away from the ground intestine dish.

IMG_5653  IMG_5664

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