Just December Life in Ethiopa


We were so thankful for Fred, a retired SIM missionary, who acquired and installed a battery backup power supply for our house. When the electricity disappears, these batteries can run our lights and charge a computer or phones for a couple days. When the electricity returns, it charges the batteries.


Abeba and Abebech, two of our school’s graduates were home from South Sudan where they’ve served for several years alongside some folks from SIM. They have planted several churches there. Pray for peace in that young country.

IMG_5374  IMG_5377

Usually, Vivian spends her reading time in the hammock. Rebecca here is chilling out with Emmett and Joel.


Vail, meanwhile, is chopping up the cedar branch that fell from a recent wind.


These little bugs keep getting in our house, especially at night. They like to fly around the lights. IMG_5383

Sitting on the porch at breakfast time.


Vivian’s a great help with Joel.


Rebecca and I have found a little loop to hike during the lunch hour when all is quiet outside. This is a picture toward the north from our house as you head up to the mountian’s footpath.


He’s a pet for a week, then supper for Christmas dinner.

IMG_5428  IMG_5431

Bucket baths are for everyone. Only for some they seem more like a real bath.

IMG_5809  IMG_5808

Joel is at a VERY fun stage in life. He’s interacting with and smiling at everyone. We must have pretty squinty eyed smiles, because that’s the face he gives us as his smile.

IMG_5510  IMG_5514

Going to the capital means ice cream!

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