Scene at Ajora Falls

A short drive from Durame, and an even shorter hike from the car is “Ajora Falls”, twin waterfalls that come out of the flat farmlands over a sheer cliff for a drop of a couple hundred meters.

IMG_5824  IMG_5825 IMG_5828  IMG_5843 IMG_5846  IMG_5849

We had a few locals following us, but the guards have trained them not to be pesky to foreigners to help this small tourist site. We saw a few of them scampering to stay out of the reach of the guards switch. IMG_5854  IMG_5858

Our small picnic lunch was in this traditional style house. You can see the inside of the roof construction and supports at the right.

IMG_5862  IMG_5864

Amazingly, this gorge and the waterfalls were completely undetectable until we were right upon it. Because they do a small bit of irrigation here, this area has a lot of papaya and mango trees flourishing from the water.

P1070037  P1070040 P1070050 P1070051

Our friend Esther (bottom right) came with us; she also served as a guide since she knows the local language. Her husband Pastor Malota is the Academic Dean at our mission school.

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