Scene at Lake Langano

Lake Langano is a favorite for missionaries. The SIM beach house on the south shore is in a very remote area. You won’t find any lattes here, but you can prepare some cowboy coffee on the gas stovetop.

IMG_5898  IMG_5901

The lake stretches for miles to the north (left). To the south is the dry grassland / wilderness (right).

P1070257  P1070249

Lake Langano is one of the few lakes in Ethiopia that you can swim in. The sulfur content is high enough to mitigate the threat of parasites.

Cooking hot dogs for lunch (right) in the shade. In the middle of the day, the weather is warm enough to swim and too hot to sit out in the sun (80-85).


The morning and late afternoon cool off fast; the kids asked for fires every morning and night.

P1070300  P1070270

Not exactly cooking material, but the fishing is fun.

P1070248  P1070209

A variety of birds and other animals (monitor lizards, baboons, colubus monkeys, hippos) make their home on this marshy coastline. Past the SIM fence, many locals bring cattle for grazing and drinking.

P1070211  P1070214

Can you guess what this is? The kids just studied ancient Egypt this fall in their home school studies and even made replicas of these 4000+ year old reed boats–still being used today! Early each morning a couple fishermen pulled these out of their marshy parking spot to fish among the seaweed and reeds.

P1070197  P1070299

A modern rendition of the reed boat. And a modern rendition of the ancient rope hammock.

P1070303  P1070232

There are some varieties of cactus that look like they could grab and eat a person. The fig trees are also gargantuan (and Jesus made one wither with a word!).

IMG_5896  IMG_5894P1070348  P1070336

Hudson holding the guards’ spear (there are also warthogs and hyenas to watch out for). Fallyn (cousin), Vivian, and Grandpa Vail

P1070334   P1070228       IMG_5927  IMG_5932

I know my camera is not capable (or maybe it’s just the operator), but the moon was nearly full the nights we were there. It was so bright a flashlight wasn’t needed.



The Langano grounds have an obstacle course set up that the kids enjoyed playing on.

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