Our Students

P1070082   P1070080

When my folks came out, we shared tea and coffee with several of our students.P1070078   IMG_5735

I sometimes marvel at God’s providence in all things. Tadelech, the gal in the picture with Rebecca is tall, strong woman. Her frame and gait remind me so much of the K-State volleyball or basketball teams. If she had been born in a different time or place, how different her life might have been. “Time and chance happen to all” says Ecclesiastes. Yet God will weigh all things and make all things right in the end.

IMG_5633  IMG_5632

Here are several of the wives (some our students also) of several of our students. At right, their husbands with Jeremy and Vail.

IMG_5162  IMG_5163 IMG_5164  IMG_5165

The fellow in the blue shirt in the bottom left picture is one of our students who was in the field in a M*m area. The fellow in white sent these 2 poisonous snakes to harm or kill our students. When they both failed to do so, the man turned to fear God and believe in Jesus (amen!). He is now a part of the church that they planted in his area.

IMG_5369  IMG_5155

Rebecca and I are sitting with Abeba and Abebech, a couple who graduated from our school several years ago. They have been serving in South Sudan for the last several years and are now in Kenya pursuing more education, and will return to missions work afterwards.

The picture at right are our students just returned from the field; these will graduate on Saturday.

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