Bingham Field Days

IMG_5815 IMG_5858 IMG_5876

Emmett making ready for the sack race. Vivian running the 200m. Emmett running the little kids obstacle course (“Go under the hurdle kids!”)

IMG_6085 IMG_6091IMG_6090

Even mommy and daddy got in on the action. The lunch break is filled with “fun games”.

Jeremy with 2 friends after the “Daddy’s 400” (not a winner). Rebecca in the “Mommy’s 200” (almost a winner). After running less than half a dozen times in 2 years, Rebecca still took 3rd! (And that was only because she didn’t sprint, thinking there was still more race to go–they moved the race and line to a 200m mark at the last minute.)

IMG_6135 IMG_6083

The kids with all the other down country families’ kids at the SIM guest house. Emmett.    IMG_6126 IMG_6128

Vail and his buddy Jack running.

IMG_6132 IMG_6135


IMG_6138  IMG_6146

Turtle–Not a winner. Vail on the 50m hurdles.

IMG_6163 IMG_6175

Emmett’s class. Vivian and Mommy.

IMG_6182 IMG_6195

Hudson and friend–three-legged race. Emmett cheering on Mommy.

IMG_6201 IMG_6209

Joel, our smallest fan. Vail in the relay race with his class.

IMG_6211 IMG_6215

Vivian and her relay team.

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