Wedding at the EKSM

IMG_6542 IMG_6543

Before Dawit (David) and Tsehaynesh’ (You are Sunshine) wedding, we had a snack in the office. The wedding was in the Bible School’s dining hall. We tried to ask multiple times, “What time does the wedding REALLY start?” We were told 11:00 several times so we came, only to be the first to arrive to an empty hall.

IMG_6545 IMG_6563 IMG_6576 IMG_6578

I preached the sermon in English and Amharic, the translation was into Kembatta.IMG_6584 IMG_6609

Vows. Praying for the couple.

IMG_6613 IMG_6614

Our lunch was back in the office since it was so late and they felt bad our kids were hungry. IMG_6624

After the lunch, we ate their cultural “hankacha”, roasted grain that’s buttered and spiced. The butter makes it stick together like a popcorn ball.


This was some sort of game where we renamed the bride. Everyone makes suggestions and then we argue about it before finally selecting one by vote.

IMG_6635 IMG_6648

Dawit and Tsehaynesh

IMG_6652 IMG_6658

After the wedding we SLOWLY proceed to the vehicles (there’s no running and getting pelted with rice here). IMG_6661 IMG_6662

We then drive all over town honking and singing and weaving around the road for some 45 minutes.IMG_6663 IMG_6665 IMG_6675 IMG_6678 IMG_6695 IMG_6696

Back at the house, they get out and the wedding party continues singing and parading. All the singing is praise songs to God. It’s really nice.

IMG_6699 IMG_6703 IMG_6707 IMG_6715

Instead of letting the couple have the guest house to themselves (back at our school guest house), all the wedding party goes inside and prays another hour for the couple!

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