Beautiful Things in Life in Durame

IMG_7108 IMG_7109

Rebecca and I tried to make a habit of walking in the afternoons around our area. As the rains have slightly begun (praise God!) the sky was unbelievably blue one day. I was so awestruck I could hardly look away from it for the half hour we were out walking. The beauty of God is nearly overwhelming!

(Note: these pictures are all the exact same settings on our camera as those below–that blue is exactly as it looked, no photo tweaking!)

IMG_7036  IMG_7040 Tagesse; Rebecca and Zewde

Bar none, this was the best pizza crust we’ve had in Ethiopia. How’d our student’s wife do it? “I saw it on a cooking show and made it on my injera maker”!

This same gal also made a beautiful table thingy (help me out with the word ladies) that she gave Rebecca.

IMG_7047  IMG_7048

Vivian with the 4 sweet daughters of one student (and one more neighbor boy). Rebecca with her friend Aster.


Vivian and friends

IMG_0889 IMG_0890

This area has an interesting tradition regarding new milkcows. When you buy a cow, after she gives birth she begins to give milk. That’s fairly universal. The local part of the custom is that here they save the milk for 14 days (a liter a day) and then invite all the neighbors over to celebrate. By then it’s very turned and yogurty. I must say, this is the first thing I have not tried as a missionary (additionally, it wasn’t boiled, something we’re sticklers about before drinking milk here). The purplish bread on the table is made from the false banana plants, pretty bland and tasteless.


Skipping like a calf loosed from his stall . . . Hudson.

(The following pictures were taken on a friends camera)

P1100959  P1100960

This picture is just outside our gate (the upper side of our compound) going down the road toward the dorms and classrooms (the lower side of the compound)


Just outside our compound this small road leads to the mountain trail.

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