Building Fence (and Meet Some of Our Students)

Our school does ag work for a couple hours each week as part of our training program (missionaries gotta be tough!). Our fence was recently, wrongfully demolished by a contractor who was expanding the dirt road next to the compound. There has been no recourse from the government, police, or city council. So guess what our ag project is for the next month? It’s a lot of money for all the posts, wire, and concrete, but we’re doing all the labor ourselves. And it’s taking more than a few hours!


Ashenefi (“victor”) comes from an Orthodox family as does his sweet wife Tigiste. He was converted through some Campus Crusaders who came to his family’s house and left a tract. The family was hospitable to them, understood none of their Gospel, but that tract worked on his older brother as the read and re-read the story in it. 1 year later, he believed in Christ!

There’s much more to the story that I will write for you in the next month or 2. Stay tuned!

IMG_7049 IMG_7050

Degife (in the pink shirt) is the head of our ag work committee. Our Academic Dean, Malota, is just left of him.

Eshetu is hanging a guide line.

IMG_7051 IMG_7052

Jeremy and Gebeyehu. In this culture, it’s not rude to comment on people’s weight (skinny or fat). Since Gebeyehu is a bit of a comic, everyone gives him a hard time for having a “doubly heavy workload” since he has to carry his gut and cement.

Medhin is one of our oldest students. He served in the Army for some years and has served some 17 years in a couple locations on the mission field.

IMG_7054 IMG_7055

As we work, many folks, including this older man on horseback, are heading to market on this main road.

IMG_7056 IMG_7057

Jeremy and Asrat carrying cement. Asrat is the first believer from his area (M.) and from a M family. I’ll include some of his information in a future newsletter (just email if you’re not getting these).

Yes, all our gals are at work also. A couple of them prepare coffee and tea. Abebech (red) is one of our diploma students and Terefech (yellow) is our bookkeeper / accountant.

IMG_7061 IMG_7063

IMG_7064 IMG_7065

The Ethiopian Christians are a delightful, affectionate people!

Abeba, one of our guards, oversees the cement mixing.

IMG_7075  IMG_7068 IMG_7070

Since the market is passing by on foot, Aster takes the opportunity to buy eggs.

IMG_7073 IMG_7074  IMG_7083 IMG_7085

Tea time!

IMG_7086 IMG_7087

Joel with Bidru. Zewde carrying a shallow basket holding roasted grain.

IMG_7088 IMG_7090

More of our female students. One of our cooks pouring coffee (salted coffee, no sugar).

IMG_7091 IMG_7101

Demeke and Markos are two of the hardest working guys we have. Demeke is also a joker (note the handful of grain he’s munching on as he poses for “work picture”)

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