Building Foundations

The last building remaining to complete the basic needs of our school is a dining hall. God moved on the hearts of 2 dear brothers in Christ to contribute the money for this. And it’s perfect timing as we are able to get the rock and sand delivered just before the rains start (if the money had come a month or 2 later, it would have delayed the entire project almost 6 months til after the rainy season).

IMG_0929   IMG_0935

Delivery of rocks

IMG_0937   IMG_0939

Digging! Our school Director is working the long digging spade in the left corner of the left picture.

IMG_0940   IMG_0941

This reminds me of the kids book Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel–yes I think one steam shovel CAN dig as much in one day as 100 men can dig in a week. We’re moving a LOT of dirt over the next several weeks by hand. Ethiopia’s a developing country and there’s not a machine within 50km that can help us. And it costs a lot to bring one of the few machines to do the work . . .

IMG_0942   IMG_0943

. . . but it’s a joy to work together . . .


. . . and to pray together.

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