Saying a Half Goodbye

We moved to Addis on May 12 (though we’re continuing ministry with the EKSM). It was a hard day. Many can’t understand that we intend to continue ministry, so many wept as if we were never coming back. “If you’re not leaving us, why are you loading your stuff?” At least three people that I saw on Monday were shocked to see me, “I thought you left!” I try to reassure them as best I can. 🙂

IMG_7121  IMG_7123

Hudson and Emmett loading.

Jeremy and four students talking. We tried to prep them the last couple weeks, but when the moving truck showed up, they were still shocked. This was a tearful moment for all of us.

IMG_7126 IMG_7127

Jeremy, Bejiga (our guard–in blue), our school guards

Vail, Hudson, Emmett

IMG_7131 IMG_7118

Waiting for a second small truck (both were small)

Yes, goodbyes are for chickens too

IMG_7133 IMG_7135  IMG_7142 IMG_7148

The school slaughtered a goat for us, the biggest feast that someone in this culture can offer. Hudson loved the dulet, chopped meat, intestines, and other parts. When Vivian told him what it was, he stopped suddenly and stared at it for several seconds. Looking up, he said, “I still like it!”


Almaz (the driver’s wife), Rebecca, Aster (the Academic Dean’s wife), Amaru (our househelper)

IMG_7156 IMG_7160

Pictures with our students

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