On the Road in Ethiopia

IMG_0432   IMG_0433

Durame! Home sweet second home (our compound begins just beyond the line of trees). The pic at right is on our compound looking up at the same mountains.


Kids spotted at the local Durame hotel


The Durame cooking crew


Working on a felled tree in the road

IMG_0458   IMG_0461

The barley and wheat are both up and strong right now, though the land did not get nearly the normal amount of rainfall this summer. The farmers are worried as last year was so dry the corn never got in the ground in our area.

IMG_0466   IMG_0473

Vivian coloring and painting with the girls at our school. A local boy prepares local bananas for us to transport home.

IMG_0491   IMG_0493

What?! Combines?! Two were running and three were in the shop when we passed by. I missed a picture later of some newer New Holland brand harvesters.

IMG_0584   IMG_0592

On the Lake Langano road

IMG_0596   IMG_0606

Muslim women walking. A water well.

IMG_0611   IMG_0632

Little girl saying hi. Behind the woman is the river where many water flocks and wash garments.IMG_0637

What’s a ride cost?

IMG_0649   IMG_0650

Came herds coming!

IMG_0652   IMG_0653

It’s hard to see here, but these guys were tall! Some can be 2m at the shoulder.

IMG_0654   IMG_0659

Harvested field. A toll road! It is smooth. It is fast. It is empty. Glorious!

IMG_0661   IMG_0417

These condos are going up all over the outskirts of Addis. Very Russian-inspired. Is “despired” a word? Lower classes are being moved out of the city as they clean up slums, but there is nowhere to go. This is part of a solution– acres of cement, boxy condos.

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