Building the Dining Hall

The EKSM is constructing the dining hall at present. The Lord has helped us in so many ways. Here’s a couple stories. God is in the big things and the small things. And he’s orchestrating them all according to His big plan.

We have found an amazingly faithful and hardworking foreman. Since we have no contractor and are doing the work ourselves, the work has gone unbelievably well with such a faithful guy. What a gift from God.

The students (and I on the weeks I’m down there) are doing a ton of work. We carry every small bucket of cement up ladders to lay in the forms to make the overhead beams. We hand carry every rock to lay in the floor for the foundation. It blows my mind the gaps in industrialization that exist between the West and some parts of the world.

One man from our Director’s hometown heard of the needs of our school and, he–himself a contractor–located, secured, negotiated, and transported all the cinder blocks for the walls. And then he refused compensation! This is something like 15k USD! (Which is a huge help as prices on sand, cement, and rebar are climbing daily—the government is trying to put the brakes on corrupt business and price gouging, but it’s taking a toll on us and everyone else.)

This guy told our Director, “When I was a child, we lived just down the path from your old home. My father was a goat (= sired the kids and left) and my mother didn’t provide anything for us; we had absolutely nothing. Whenever I came shirtless and shoeless to your mother’s door, she would quietly give me fresh milk and fruits or vegetables. I was godless and became worldly as soon as I left the home and started working in the city. Then as I began to think about my life and remembered your mother, I gave my life to Jesus. So this is a small thing that I want to pay back to God



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