December Family Miscellanies


Joel interrupts our Clue game. Having finished his snack, he crawled on the table to grab the tiny gun and shoot each of us, “Bang!”.


Thanksgiving at our compound. Looks a bit more like a church picnic, eh?




Vivian and a friend doing nails

I know it’s hard to see, but many times when we finish working outside, the students break out into Christian songs and chants from their local areas. It’s always fun.


Students receiving copies of several theology books. O happy day!


I had a couple interesting foods this last week. This one takes the wedding cake. It’s roasted barley, ground to a powder, then spiced butter is mixed in. They only have it in the days leading up a wedding. It breaks off like very soft limestone or chalk.


A bread made from the pulp of the false banana tree.


At a pre-wedding party. I’d met the man only once, but because he is the brother of our school secretary, we’re culturally obligated to go. We went two nights in a row. I went to share a devotion and pray the first night. There were only 5 people including the bridegroom. No bride. The bridegroom left during the program. A new experience for me. And a bit perplexing. The second night (above pic) there were 35 or so people–neighbors and friends.


Joel at the doc’s office (it was a good setting for a pic!)


Feeding the compound tortoise. His favorite seems to be tomatoes, though most all fruit and veggie scraps are well received.



This Xmas tree almost cost me 5 years in jail! I cut 3 branches off trees in Durame, tied them to the roof of the LandCruiser and brought them back home. About 1/2 hour out, I was stopped by the police and informed that this is now a 5 year jail term because all cedar belongs to the Ethiopian government. I was very apologetic and he eventually told me, “Hurry up and get home; and don’t do it a second time!”


The living room. Stockings over the fireplace.


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