Visiting Students in December


Students at class–they are practicing in small groups for our English class


This little fellow is a delight! He’s a serious worker, often working on the dining hall or ag work with the adults. IMG_0994

We visited a small children’s school where some of our students are in the field. The teacher (see the man below in the white smock) opened the school 3 years ago, slowly making inroads and relationships with the local population which is completely Orthodox and Muslim (there were a handful of girls with head coverings). IMG_0995IMG_1008IMG_1009

Joel was born into this. It doesn’t bother him a bit.IMG_1013

The kids are showing Rebecca all their English knowledge, reciting greetings, ABCs, parts of the body, etc. IMG_1017IMG_1020

This is just outside the school. The field was freshly harvested.IMG_1023IMG_1024

In this same area, one of our students just had a baby! (actually 3 of students or students’ wives just had babies). IMG_1029

Typical light lunch–eggs and bread. I preached at one church which is hosting 4 of our field students last week. Mark 3:16–discipleship and missions (in that order!).


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