Final Ministry in Ethiopia (Summer 2016)


I participated in an ESL training put on for the Bible colleges of the EKHC denomination.


Some of the Ethiopians we work with. The left and middle men are in the missions office in Addis Ababa with the EKHC, coordinating the sending of the EKHC missionaries internationally. The man on the right is a graduate of our school serving in Kenya.


The “Mekihima” 25th Anniversary. I spoke briefly at this event for SIM. These Bible study fellowships have spread all over the EKHC; they are part of the normal church life of thousands of churches. May the Lord increase it!


The main workers of the Mekihima Bible studies.


The second man from the left, Worku, works with SIM to help send Ethiopian missionaries outside Ethiopia. The man on the right, Samuel, (name changed) works in a country near India where they have been serving for 7 years now. His little rural church is a VERY missions-minded church. There are currently three of their church members at our mission school; these three have already been very faithful and fruitful on the mission field already!


Rebecca and one of our graduate’s family. We visited their ministry site and preached at their new church plant.


The new and growing church.


Lunch afterwards!

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