News of the School of Missions–Summer 2017

One story: One of our closest friends from the School of Missions, Ashenafi and Tigiste, were able with other students to get a mission station up and going 180 km from where they were stationed. As a small work of God began to spring up, they called two of the diploma students out of northwest Ethiopia to get to work with these new believers. Now there are 15 brand new believers from M* background, the first church of their area. These two diploma students will be returning to that area to disciple the new believers for the next two years, and continue the work of evangelism in the area.

This was just one of seven new churches our students started in their 9 months of field training! Praise God.

According to their counts, some 5,565 people heard the Gospel . . . 323 believed in Christ . . . 177 repented (meaning they were from a Christian background, returned to following Christ) . . . 224 of all these are continuing in home discipleship groups or new churches. Praise the Lord!

So on July 15 we graduated 42 students. Some of these students will return to the stations where work has begun. Some will return to their home churches to be sent to a different area.

The next round of students have begun some English prep courses and then begin classes at the end of September.

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