On the Road in Ethiopia–July 2017

These were all interesting to me. But I know how pictures go, and “interesting” is relative, so I’ll put an encouraging one up (and more significant) early in the batch before you leave this page. 🙂

One of our students who is a close friend is a M* background believer. He and his wife (right) have a great passion to share the Gospel with others. At the post-graduation feast at his hometown (on the trip back to Addis Ababa) we met three new believers in his living room. They had all accepted Christ through the witness of his wife (maybe she should have been at our school??!) in the last five months! One woman was Orthodox background and two from M* background. The latter two’s husbands still do not know. Please pray for their families to turn to the Lord as well, and for our student and his wife to know how to wisely approach the situation with their families and community.



Eating the special food. I don’t remember the name. It’s barley, roasted then ground fine, then mixed with a bit of butter and spices. It can suck the moisture out of your mouth in half a second. You can’t swallow for a couple minutes, hence the parents not only giving our student and his wife a bite, but giving them the chaser–orange Fanta.


Here’s his wife serving me.


It’s an honor to cut the traditional bread, a bit like sourdough, but much denser. IMG_5322

This shot is just outside our student’s house. He has a small shop by the side of this market, an excellent place for ministry to the community.


The road back to Addis has all but disappeared. Some sections have. Gone are the lines. Gone is much asphalt. But it’s chock full of vehicles. And dust.


Fields are sown and furrowed, awaiting the summer rains (which are just beginning). Barley and teff will begin growing soon.


The School of Missions had their first Chinese students this year! That in itself is an amazing story of God’s work. The Chinese church desires to send missionaries all over the world, and Ethiopia is becoming a launching pad for Africa.


Old friends! Our houseworker, Amaru.


Bejiga and Amaru (married, our houseworker and her husband) and Megersa (in red), our first gardener and guard–all dear members of our family.


Me seated on the “throne” of a “palace”. This gorgeous house of a friend of ours, just 40 minutes outside Addis, rents for only 1/3 of what it would if it were inside the city.


Megersa was the boys’ best friend our first year in Addis. While Rebecca and I were in language school, Emmett and Hudson would spend their time digging and planting and weeding with him.


This roundabout, known as “Mexico Roundabout” had no tram, no underpass when we arrived four years ago. Amazing to see the development.


When I traveled by myself to teach at Durame, I would sit in this family’s house nearly every night drinking “buna” while telling them “No I really can’t eat any more food.” We had a lot of great discussions about life, ministry, theology, and Scripture.


Kids of our students.


Our compound . . . we’re going to miss it.

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