Other resources

The following items are a smattering of resources God has used to grow us in our Christian walks. We turn to these often and recommend them often. We hope these are edifying and enjoyable to you as they have been to us. This is not intended to be a systematic list of all the areas of the Christian life, rather we want to share with you some of the things God has especially used in growing us in Christ.



  • Humility by C. J. Mahaney (the Christian life)
  • Kingdom Through Covenant by Peter Gentry and Stephen Wellum (understanding the big picture of the Bible)
  • John G. Paton: Missionary to the New Hebrides by John G. Paton (autobiography)
  • Justification and Regeneration by Charles Leiter (the Gospel, the Christian life)
  • Let the Nations Be Glad by John Piper (missions)
  • Out of the Depths by John Newton (autobiography)
  • Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan (the Christian life)
  • Poems by Frances Ridley Havergal (poems–the Christian life)
  • The Cross-Centered Life by C. J. Mahaney (the Christian life)
  • The Shadow of the Almighty by Elisabeth Elliot (biography of Jim Elliot)
  • To the Golden Shore by Courtney Anderson (biography of Adoniram Judson)
  • Toward Jerusalem by Amy Carmichael (poems–the Christian life)

Kids and family

  • The Big Picture Story Bible by David Helm (understanding the big picture of the Bible)
  • Judy Rogers CDs
  • Steve Green “Hide the Word” CDs
  • our homemade hymnal

Music we like

  • Andrew Peterson’s “Far Country”
  • Caedmon’s Call
  • Josh Garrels “Love and War and the Sea In Between”
  • Judy Rogers’ “Why Can’t I See God”, “The 10 Commandments”
  • Hymns by Indelible Grace music
  • Hymns by Red Mountain Church music
  • Hymns by Keith and Kristyn Getty
  • Rich Mullins “Songs 1”, “Songs 2”
  • Sandra McCracken’s “The Builder and the Architect”
  • Sojourn “Isaac Watts Hymns”, “Before the Throne”, “Advent Songs”
  • Sovereign Grace’s “Risen”, “Savior”, “Worship Live”

Preachers / teachers we recommend

  • Tony Buford
  • Tim Conway
  • Ryan Fullerton
  • Tim Keller
  • C. J. Mahaney
  • John Piper

Resources for a lifelong pursuit of knowing the Scriptures

We use these resources regularly and recommend every home have and use them (in listing specific titles that we own, we are only recommending what kind of book to get, not necessarily which one to get). For a longer explanation, click HERE.

  • Atlas — The Baker Atlas of Christian History (Atlas)
  • Bible Dictionary — The Illustrated Bible Dictionary, 3 vols. (Bible dictionary)
  • Commentary — New Bible Commentary by G J; Motyer, J A; Carson, D A ; France, R T Wenham
  • Concordance — BibleWorks (or some other concordance)
  • Study Bible with introductions and notes — The ESV Study Bible (study Bible; the articles in this are of immense value)
  • Theology — The Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin (systematic theology + pastoral instruction)
  • Theology — Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem (systematic theology)
  • OT – Kingdom Through Covenant by Peter Gentry and Stephen Wellum
  • OT – Dominion and Dynasty by Stephen Dempster
  • OT – The Faith of Israel by William Dumbrell
  • NT – Theology of the New Testament by Frank Thielman
  • NT – New Testament Theology by Thomas Schreiner


Full of MP3s, articles, and reading for the heart, soul, and mind

We recommend many of these classes, but be selective. Some are better than others!
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